USAble Administrators

Case Management

When you need it, case management is a powerful tool available to support members and their families as they navigate the health-care system.

Case management services from USAble Administrators can provide the following value-added benefits. Case management can help:

  • Maximize the benefits available under your health-benefit plan;
  • Provide health education to empower you and your family to self-manage aspects of your care as deemed appropriate by your physician;
  • Help you better understand and deal with the complexities of the health-care system and your health-plan benefits;
  • Identify cost-effective alternatives to high-cost treatment settings such as hospitalization.

Case management is a cooperative process between members, and their families, doctors and nurses, and health insurance company. The process is to assess, plan, facilitate and advocate for options and services that meet the member's health-care needs through communication and use of available resources to promote cost-effective outcomes.

To contact a Case Manager in the Southwest region (Texarkana), call toll free 1-800-470-9621 and request a case manager.