USAble Administrators

Excess Loss

Excess loss insurance protects self-funded groups against extreme risk. Groups may choose the amount of risk to retain and the amount to cover by excess loss insurance. Excess loss insurance for self-funded health plans has two parts:

  • Specific Excess Loss Coverage
    Specific coverage limits the group's cost for eligible medical expenses for each covered individual.

  • Aggregate Excess Loss Coverage
    Aggregate coverage limits the group's overall annual costs for a self-funded plan.

USAble Administrators can arrange services for groups interested in pursuing excess loss coverage. Through our established relationships with several top-rated excess loss carriers, we can provide competitive excess loss quotes as part of our overall package of services. USAble's dedicated Excess Loss Unit coordinates notification, filing and reimbursement activities when contract provisions are met for our clients who use our preferred excess loss carriers.

Preferred Excess Loss Carriers