USAble Administrators


What Is Subrogation?

The term subrogation generally refers to the substitution of one for another. Specifically, regarding USAble Administrators, it refers to those instances when another insurance carrier may be responsible for payment of medical care. For instance when an injury occurs because of an accident in which someone other than the plan member is at fault, the insurance carrier of that individual may be responsible for the plan member's medical treatment. In those cases, USAble Administrators may be entitled to recover the value of the services from the other carrier. USAble Administrators has selected Trover Solutions, Inc. to help in recovering subrogation claims.

USAble Administrators uses Equian|Trover Solutions, Inc. to help in recovering subrogation claims. Equian|Trover Solutions, Inc. is an independent company that operates separately from USAble Administrators and is solely responsible for assisting in the recovery of subrogation claims. If you or a covered family member are injured in an accident, you will receive a letter from Equian|Trover Solutions, Inc. that asks for you to call their Customer Service department to provide details regarding how the injury occurred. If the injury was caused by someone else, on another party’s property or in an automobile accident, Equian|Trover, Solutions, Inc. will contact the responsible party and request reimbursement to USAble Administrators for the cost of the medical care provided because of the injury.

A successful subrogation program helps USAble Administrators keep the cost of healthcare reasonable for you and your employer. We appreciate your cooperation with Equian|Trover Solutions, Inc.