USAble Administrators

USAble Value (Third-Party Administrator Product)

To help our customers with the complex task of managing today's rising health-care costs, USAble Administrators offers the "USAble Value" product. USAble Value offers a set of benefit options with three primary objectives:


The USAble Value plans compare favorably with those currently being sold in the health-benefits marketplace — making sure your group health plan offers a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining quality employees.

Member Satisfaction

The USAble Value plans are straightforward and designed for efficient administration. This means that plan benefits are easier for your members to understand, and claims processing turnaround is fast. These are two major factors in determining a member's satisfaction with his or her health plan.

Cost Effectiveness

The USAble Value plans include cost-containment provisions to help ensure the appropriate utilization of your health plan's benefits. In addition, customers who select the USAble Value product qualify for our lowest administrative fee.

Customers interested in the USAble Value product can choose from a set of benefit options and two provider networks. Visit with one of our regional marketing representatives for help in selecting the option that is right for you and your employees.