USAble Administrators

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

  • EDI Provider Online Enrollment: Online enrollment for providers or facilities only. Clearinghouses or Billing Agents may not enroll online.

  • ANSI ASC X12N 5010 Specifications: These documents are in portable document format (PDF) and may be downloaded from this Web site.

  • Compliance Statement: This statement advises providers of the efforts to address the administrative simplification provisions of HIPAA.

  • Connectivity/Communications (Moveit DMZ)
    Moveit DMZ User Manual (PDF)

  • Contact EDI Services: This section contains contact information.

  • Electronic Claims Testing: This information will help lead you through the process you must follow to become approved for electronic claims submission in the new HIPAA-compliant format.
  • EDI Report User Guide (PDF)

  • Electronic Data Interchange:
    Private Business Transaction Companion Document (PDF) This document provides additional guidance concerning the segments/data elements necessary to successfully process HIPAA-compliant ANSI X12N version 5010 270/271, 276/277 and 278 transactions for private business members. This link will take you to the WPC electronic data interchange healthcare transactions site. This site will contain the ANSI X12 implementation guidelines that can be downloaded.

  • EDI Forms: All forms must be signed and returned to EDI Services via mail or fax. These forms are in portable document format (PDF) and allow you to complete them online, print, sign and mail or fax to the appropriate address/fax number.
    Electronic Remittance Advice Instructional Guide (PDF)
    Trading Partner Agreement Definitions (PDF)

  • HIPAA Compliant Vendors List (PDF): A directory of electronic-billing vendors who have successfully tested with us and are in production for the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) version of the X12N 837 Healthcare Claim.